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1973 evinrude coils and alternator upgrade

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  • 1973 evinrude coils and alternator upgrade

    I have a 1973 40 horse evinrude.

    all of the ignition parts including the coils are under the flywheel.

    there is no provision for charging the battery.

    can i put an alternator coil from a 1974 or later on this motor.

    i don't really want to change the rest of the ignition if i don't have to.

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    Re: 1973 evinrude coils and alternator upgrade

    No. At least not without changing a lot of stuff and I'm not sure if even then.

    But you can install a DC generator. It mounts similar to the electric starter, but on the opposite side of the carburetor. A voltage regulator mounts in the pan below the carb. The toothed gear on top of the flywheel drives it via a notched belt.

    The generator was an accessory kit. It was also standard equipment on all the earlier motors with electric shift. It puts out 10 amps max and has to be running about 2000 rpm before it charges at all. But hey, the alternator only puts out 6 amps although it does an amp or so at slow speeds.