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Idle too high

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  • Idle too high

    I have an 89 VRO 90 hp , I’ve used it prolly a dozen times , it always idled at 600-700 rpm when muffs were on it, suddenly it wants to idle at 2200 rpm, idling the throttle linkage comes close but does not touch the roller arm on the carbs, the butterfly valves appear fully closed, the primer selanoid hoses appear to be connected and tight .

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    Having the same problem on my ocean runner 175 thinking a vacuum leak?


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      When you say idling the linkage are you meaning that you manually pushed the throttles closed? I'd say if that helped you are on a good track. Look for other things restricting throttle closing. And check that the return spring is in place and has enough strength.
      You can check for a vacuum leak with some propane (not lit of course) or some carb cleaner spray. Shoot around any places carb joins the intake, intake to heads, vac lines. carb pivot entry points.
      You could also be getting ignition advance that's not returning to base. If you have a light you can time it to see if it's too far advanced at closed throttle.
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        Check your spark plug tips, maybe you can find a cylinder running lean


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          Checked the flywheel key ?