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1993 Lowe Gen III only runs when primer soleniod is used

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  • 1993 Lowe Gen III only runs when primer soleniod is used

    When I crank the engine I have to keep using the primer solenoid every five seconds to keep it running and then it will eventually kill out. I can put a rag over the front of the carb with my hand over it and it will actually run and idol but then eventually I can't hold it anymore and it dies out. It almost acts like fuel-air is off. I just cleaned the carbs. I have just been putting the fuel hose directly into a gas can and not having it connected up to the gas tank because I didn't want a bunch of fuel sitting in between uses, so I am not sure if that may be messing something up as well. Any help would be good.

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    1993 Lowe Gen III is not a motor. What Johnson/Evinrude motor?

    How did you clean the carbs? Carb cleaning is usually a waste of time when it needs rebuilding.
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      I took all the jets out and cleaned everything. It is a Johnson 2 stroke 40hp. I guess what would be the sign of a carb needing to be rebuilt?


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        When you push the key in the primer valve opens.------Fuel goes directly into the back of the carburetor throat.-----This fuel bypasses the metering circuits in the carburetor.------This would suggest that carburetors need inspection.----Pay particular attention to the high sped jets ( orifice plug ) that are screwed into the carburetor bowl.----This jet is about 5/8" long and has 1/4-NC thread.


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          If this is the one in the very bottom of the bowl it is clean and I can see all the way through it. It is pretty knarled up though from taking it in and out for cleaning and it was stuck in there from when it was dirty but I finally got it out. I just can't find new ones anywhere to replace them.


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            There is something wrong in your carburetors I say.---Jets are not hard to find in my neighborhood.-----Model # of the motor ?----Your location ?


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              The model number is TJ40ELETB I live in Pensacola, FL. I have been looking on Amazon and nothing looked right.


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                I do not believe you will find an Evinrude mechanic at the AMAZON help desk.-----Hurry to your local friendly dealer and get some !!