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1986 90HP lower unit removal problem - shift rod stuck?

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  • 1986 90HP lower unit removal problem - shift rod stuck?

    Hi again. OK so I'm going to replace the water pump. Simple.

    I have removed all the relevant bolts, bar one to hold everything in place
    I flip her into Reverse and remove the clevis pin on the rod that secures the shift rod. After lots of google searches it appears all I need to do is push the rod the clevis pin was in to port and the shift rod should disengage and the lower unit can be separated from the motor.

    I push rod to port, not a lot of movement but its as far as it will go, Iremove the last bolt and try to get the lower unit off. It'll drop about 25mm but that's it. Without putting too much pressure on it, it refuses to budge.

    I've read my service manual and google it but I'm stumped.

    Any suggestions please.


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    If you push that rod to port and rotate it you should be disconnected.------------What happens if you move the shift lever when it has dropped 25mm ?


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      Thanks for your advice once again. Got the leg off, had to rotate the shift rod slightly to fully disengage.