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Evinrude ETEC 250 very strange problem

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  • Evinrude ETEC 250 very strange problem

    Hi iBOATS forum!

    First of all thank you for an amazing forum!

    I have some serious issues with my Evinrude ETEC 250 V6 DE250PXINR outboard engine.

    My engine runs very bad. Bad& missfiring cylinder. If i remove the #2Sparkplug wire the idle is okey och runs much smoother. If i connect the sparkplug wire it runs very bad and misfiring. I

    I have changed sparkplugs. Injectors. Replaced the ignition coils. I have compression. So when all cables are connected to the cylinders it missfires and runs really bad. But if i remove one cable the idle is much better and runs much smoother.

    No error codes, this must be a mechanical fault. I was out with the boat and when i got home to habor i noticed it missfiring and the idle was bad. Jumps from 400RPM to 700RPM.

    The sparkplugs are black and wet. I changed the 6 plugs for 1 week ago, and after i run the engine in idle it looks like they're several months old.

    Spark,fuel, air, compression. What else could be wrong? An engine should run better with all wires connected but mine runs better if i remove the cylinder 2.

    Sorry for the bad english. Im from Sweden but i hope you'll understand. This engine has cost me alot to repair and now im really really stuck.

    Much thanks!


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    Could be bad lift pump flooding crankcase or a CPS. It should show a code..
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      Originally posted by Faztbullet View Post
      Could be bad lift pump flooding crankcase or a CPS. It should show a code..
      No error codes are shown. The computer is clean from errors but it the engine runs really bad


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        Can you check timing on that cylinder?


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          Good point !!!