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Honda 30 hp dies after 30 secs! help!!

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  • Honda 30 hp dies after 30 secs! help!!


    New to the forum, and am hoping for some help! I just purchased a 2006 honda 30hp tiller. It came with a used tank and an extended fuel hose about 16' long..

    I just finished installing the engine on my boat and shortened to fuel line to factory length. It is held on at either end with hose clamps. Once installed i started it and it seemed to have run fine. I put it in the water started it up and after backing off the trailer it died out. It would start again run for about 10 secs and die. If you touch the throttle it would die immediately.

    If you leave in sit for 2-3 mins it will start again and do the same thing..

    When I was being pulled out i managed to keep it running and get it to rev up a bit for maybe 60 secs, then died again.

    I did notice the primer bulb was not really hard and wont stay hard when pumped.

    I was just going to go out tomorrow and buy a new tank and hose hoping this would help, as i have seen it help with other motors in the past..

    Oil is fresh, and spark plugs were just changed..

    Any thoughts???

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    Re: Honda 30 hp dies after 30 secs! help!!

    Carburator is gummed up??
    Has it been stitting for awhile? If there is any old fuel it will cause problems.


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      Re: Honda 30 hp dies after 30 secs! help!!

      it most likely had some older fuel in it.. Maybe 6-8 weeks old.. If the carbs were gummed up wouldn't it just idle rough or not run at all? It seems to run normally while it is running.. then just stalls out..


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        Re: Honda 30 hp dies after 30 secs! help!!

        Did you open the vent on the gas tank???

        Other causes.. bad primer bulb, water in the gas, bad fuel pump.

        There is a simple procedure for draining the carbs.