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2006 Honda 225

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  • 2006 Honda 225

    My buddy just bought a boat with a low hour (350) Honda 225 on it. We took it out on Prince William Sound the other day for the first time. It runs great at most rpms, but idles a bit rough and actually stalled once and set off the engine alarm a couple
    of times. From what I’ve read it sounds like a common cause could be the O2 sensor on it. It seems that when water gets into the exhaust it will create steam that messes up the sensor. His motor is mounted pretty low so he may have to play with the trim a bit. Does this diagnosis sound like it may be correct? I’ll add he’d bring to the shop but they are 6 weeks out currently! Thanks for any insight!

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    I don't work on these, but I've been around Honda's enough to know O2 sensors are an issue with them. So here's the thought. Maybe go ahead and replace it to see if that helps or cures your issue. Worst case, it does not, and you can carry an extra one with you for use later.

    And last, having a spare with you almost guarantees you that you will NEVER have an issue with your O2 sensor!

    Edit: last last thought. Look into the Honda "beep" codes, including how to reset them (the ECU). If you or your buddy are handy with that kind of thing, you may find the engine is telling you what's wrong with it.....