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Honda BF90 Intermitent Alarm

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  • Honda BF90 Intermitent Alarm

    My parents picked up a 98 Scout with a 2006 BF90 retrofitted on at some point. Boat ran really well for a few months and my brother hit a mud flat in it. This is when he first started noticing the alarm. I cleared the mud from every or oriface and I have pressurized water flow.

    It buzzes under light to medium throttle but the dash light stays green. After allowing the engine to warm up it takes the throttle with no buzzer at all.

    I am new to Honda and honestly I'm not even sure what all the buzzer signifies. Thank yall in advance for any advice you can share.

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    It's worth noting that if the green light is on, it's not likely an oil pressure issue causing the buzzer. That's a good thing!

    That leaves the cooling system as suspect. Here, can't help but wonder when was the last time the pump impeller was changed? When the buzzer sounds, is the red light coming on? Is the "pee" water hot to the touch?

    Noteworthy as well, the Honda outboard "owners" manuals are available on line for free. All you need is the engine's serial number to make sure you're getting the right one. Info on just what it takes to get that buzzer to turn on should be located there


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      Thank you very much. The dash light does stay green so this not being an oil pressure problem makes me feel a lot better. I'm not seeing the red light illuminate either though.

      I did pull the thermostat and it opens about 8* F higher than it should but I honestly dont know when the last time the pump was changed. I'll check the tale tell temp later today and see if it's hot or not.

      I will go ahead and look into the owners manual as well.

      Again, thank you very much.


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        I put in a new battery just to make sure it wasn't a low voltage alarm. Old battery tested as "unstable". When given gas in neutral there was no alarm. Alarm sounded when in gear at partial throttle.
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          Im beginning to get discouraged. I tried running it in the river again and it wouldnt take the gas at all. As i give it throttle it starts to choke, the alarm sounds, and engine will go into limp mode or die completely if I dont throttle down. I unplugged the blade connection on the temp sensor and the alarm still sounded when throttle was applied.

          Is it possible that even though I have the green oil light on continuously while running that I have an oiling problem? If the water pump has been chewed up could that be the problem given what I stated above?

          Thank y'all in advance.


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            When I got home today I decided to change the oil and clean the oil sensor. What came out was extremely dirty due to the seafoam. With the lead unplugged and gas applied I'm getting the same alarm. I am not getting a red light at start up however. I now have oil coming through the oil sensor so it has to be replaced.