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82 75hp chrysler throttle cable broke

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  • 82 75hp chrysler throttle cable broke

    hey i attempted to take my boat out the first time today. i just put a newer lower and new prop on. i was having a hard time moving into forwared and reverse it would only go so far then get very tight and i forced it and the cable snap in the box. i took the box apart and found that one of the balls at the end of a spring was out of place i reassembled it and it moves very nicely but now i need a new throttle cable. i need to no if the cables are both the same. the ends look differnt but maybe part of it comes apart. i found these will they work?

    thanks guys.

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    Re: 82 75hp chrysler throttle cable broke

    They are both standard Teleflex cables with 10-32 threaded ends. You can re-use the attched fittings. Run about 30 bucks, maybe cheaper here at iboats. I never looked but I would assume that they carry them.

    You may want to replace both of them, and if they do not form a loop in the splashwell, you may want to order 2 feet longer. WAY better to have longer cables than shorter. There must be a loop in the splashwell for proper operation, Too sharp of bends will also stiffen cable action.