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What style ignition system is this Force 120

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  • What style ignition system is this Force 120

    Ok, went to the lake yesterday had test started my motor prior and it fires right up. Got to the lake and put in. Engine fired and ran for about 30 seconds to a minute then quit. I tinkered with it a bit there and found I had no spark. Today I disconnected the black and yellow wire and it fires up. Connected the black and yellow wire and again it fires up. Then it stopped sparking again no matter if the safety switches are hooked up or not. I think I narrowed it down to stator. I'm not getting the correct ohms across the reds or the blues off the stator.

    My question is what system did actually have? I have the seloc repair manual for this but there are so many systems in there. Think I found the right one but again not certain. So, here are a few pictures to help
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    Count your blessing......you have the upgraded mercury ignition system
    just double checking with you can you tell me if the black/yellow wires go to the rectifier or to the kill switch wires?

    if the go to the rectifier, then the rectifier is bad
    if the go to the kill switch you may have a intermittent short in the wiring
    working on 1990 force 90 horsepower Engine serial. 17523 Engine model. 906X90B


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      The engine have the Mercury thunderbolt ignition which is a decent system.
      When you describe the issue with spark and no spark I would suspect the kill switch or if it has a lanyard switch.
      Also check the grounding of the CD box and coils, there use to be a thick ground wire between the lower cowl and engine block.
      This ground wire is really important.


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        94 they went to Mercury ignition.
        There are 2 different parts #s for the stator.
        Both aren't made anymore and aftermarket units are available.
        You have the serial# ??
        The stator might have the part# on it??
        CDI ignition has test procedures and sells the parts.
        outboardignitiondotcom also has the test procedures for your ignition.
        Seloc manuals are some help but they cover a BUNCH of different motors and the '
        specifics are lacking.

        The Mercury connectors aren't the best
        Go through all of them and make sure they're right..
        Also check the neutral safety switch for alignment.

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