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Volvo KAD 42 Diesel - Overheating Problem

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  • Volvo KAD 42 Diesel - Overheating Problem

    Hi:I have a '96 Carolina Classic with twic Volvo KAD 42's. Recently, my left port engine is running hotter than my starboard engine. In fact, when run over 3200 RPMs, the port engine goes over the magical 200 degree mark and the temp alarm sounds.Backing down the port engine to 3000 RPMs or less returns it to a "high-normal" operating range.I pulled the strainer from the port seacock, and sure enough I found a wad of polyester line caught in the filter. I cleaned the strainer, put it back, and thought the problem would be solved - NOT!This is where I need help. The engine continues to run hot. Is there another seawater intake strainer on the engine itself that I'm missing that could be possibly clogged?? Could fibers from the line have broken through the filter and clogged some sort of water injector, if such a thing exists??Any help or advice in diagnosing the problem would be greatly appreciated!!Thx!

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    Re: Volvo KAD 42 Diesel - Overheating Problem

    the easy thing to check would be your raw water pump the impeller could just be worn out or have been damaged by the cloged intaketommays
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      Re: Volvo KAD 42 Diesel - Overheating Problem

      I 2nd that thought. What I'm sure happened is your polyester line plugged the water intake and that burned up the rubber pump impeller when it couldn't get enough water.


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        Re: Volvo KAD 42 Diesel - Overheating Problem

        Ah - the KISS theory prevails once again!Makes sense...thx!!