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Gear shift adjustment

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  • Gear shift adjustment

    I've been trying to adjust my gear shift cables, as I had reverse gear with no problem, but no forward. I can engage forward by pushing manually on the cable. Everything moves as it should, remote cable and shift cable. I followed a vey good tutorial on youtube but found that when marking and measuring the remote shift cable, I only had 2 1/2" on the sleeve as opposed to the suggested/recommended 3", give or take 1/8". Where have I lost my 1/2"? Is there adjustment possible at the shift lever?
    There is no way to adjust the distance at the motor end of the cable. My shift mechanism is a single lever Quicksilver, with the throttle only button in the base.

    ​Any thoughts appreciated.
    1990 Wellcraft 250 Sportsman. Mercruiser 5.7

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    Well, with a fresh approach I looked at my shift set up again and got it sorted. I felt that when adjusting either gear to get it right, that I was knocking the other one off somewhat, trying to find the elusive "sweet spot". So I got forward gear sorted after some adjustment and then by getting reverse as near as possible, I used the adjustment pin on the bracket to get it right, which it did. Happy to have it working but I think that new cables aren't too far off.
    I still find shifting to be a bit stiff, as is accelerating.
    But getting there.
    1990 Wellcraft 250 Sportsman. Mercruiser 5.7