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Depth Finders: In Hull vs Transom mount?

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  • Depth Finders: In Hull vs Transom mount?

    Looking to replace my current depth finder with something that indicates reliably. I bought the boat, and it already has a Hummingbird depth gage on the gage cluster, and a Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder, neither are reliable. There is a transducer mounted in the bilge, pretty sure I damaged the wire when replacing the engine, hence my problem...

    Ideally, I'd like to have integrated GPS into the unit, solely for route tracking, as I just moved to a new area. I'm not interested in fishing, so I don't need any of these $1000+ units that show me the fish below me..

    Other than depth and GPS, I'm open to suggestions / recommendations. I don't feel comfortable with drilling a hole for a transom mounted transducer, but when I look online there seems to be way more of those available than anything else, so maybe I just need to get with the times... Can anyone recommend a direction on this?

    Oh, I should probably add that it's an old hull that I'm wanting to shoot through - 1995 Regal 256 Commodore.