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Entire Throttle Title/Trim, Choke, Ignition Control Module Unresponsive

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  • Entire Throttle Title/Trim, Choke, Ignition Control Module Unresponsive

    Hello! I have a 1995 Mercury 200 2.5L XRi. Took it out in January and it ran great. Stored it out outside until recently and tried to tilt the motor up to move the boat, but the battery was dead. Used the manual override to lift the motor up just to move the boat, had the battery recharged, and now only the tilt/trim switch on the motor itself works. The tilt/trim switch on the throttle is unresponsive, the choke control from pushing the key in is unresponsive (I can't hear the normal 'click' from the solenoid' actuating), and nothing happens when I turn the key. It's like the entire control unit is not connected. Any thoughts what this might be? Currently trying to sell the boat, so hoping for a rapid repair!

    Thank you,


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    EngineEar sounds like a control fuse or crodded wire


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      I made a little progress. I jiggled some wires around near the UP/Down trim solenoids, and now when I turn the key to the ON position (not START), there's a little motor near the EFI box in the front of the motor that kicks in (like normal before I turn the key to the START position). From wiring diagrams, I think this motor is the fuel pump. The throttle UP/DN trim switch still does not move the trim, but when I press the switch in either direction while the key is in the ON position, the fuel pump motor turns off and I hear a faint little buzzily crackling sound from the throttle lever arm box area. Bear in mind this happened after I jiggled the wires around the trim solenoids. Does that get us closer to a more defined answer?

      Thanks for the help.


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        A lot of Mercs have a main fuse that runs the starter solenoid, gauges and trim. Other than that, look for corroded wires, both power and ground.