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Trolling motor.... going from 12 to 24 volt

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  • Trolling motor.... going from 12 to 24 volt

    Hey guys I have a 2007 Nitro 189 Sport that came with a 12 volt trolling motor. I have a 24 volt Minn Kota powerdrive unit from a previous boat that I would like to upgrade to and then add I-pilot. Will I need to run a second battery cable up to the front control plug panel? Likely have to change out the plug on the trolling motor also?
    What is the best way to upgrade and what parts may I need?


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    Where is the battery located for the current motor? Both batteries should be located close to each other but depending on how you intend to wire it make this somewhat of an IF THIS then THIS situation. There are a number of ways to get 24 volts to the motor. One way is to run two separate pairs of wires (one from each battery) to the plug at the bow. Using a trolling motor plug with a jumper in it does the series connection for the two batteries. This means you don't have to have the two batteries near each other. The other method is to do the series jumper with the batteries next to each other. Then run a single pair to the receptacle and then use a standard plug for the motor. Choose the way you like.


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      Thank you
      The existing battery is located at the rear of the boat. This is where I would also place the additional battery, next to it.


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        You can do this in either of the two ways I described (two wire or four wire system). You have a long run of wire so make sure you use heavy enough cable.