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Need help with Lowrance Hook 2 , 5X GPS / Split Shot HDI Operating

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  • Need help with Lowrance Hook 2 , 5X GPS / Split Shot HDI Operating

    Need help with Lowrance Hook 2 , 5X GPS / Split Shot HDI Operating

    Old guy needs help with new technology …. Just installed this unit for the ease of use and I don’t use GPS Plotting … The turn on and go for the sonar is perfect for me , BUT I would also like to use the Downscan feature also … That’s my problem . The Very Small instruction book that came with it does not show how to access each feature . Pictures is the manual that came with it . Just 4 pages of what is on the unit , but not how to use them that I see …

    I need some one to tell me what buttons to push from start to finish … to turn on the Downscan . And can it be locked in to come on when you turn the unit on like the sonar is ? HELP !!!!


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    I have no idea how your unit works, but like most things, playing with it to learn how it works is the usual scenario. Take a few hours and push options and see what is available and see if you can learn how it navigates through the different menus/options. That is usually how I do things. Most manuals could never go through everything. If they did, it would be a very thick book indeed. Maybe someone else can chime in to give you a much better answer. JMHO
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      Go to the Lowrance website and download your manual...hopefully a thicker one with real information.