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3 Setting Throttle on 8 HP Tohatsu Kicker
4 cheap way to convert tiller throttle to remote on 9.8 tohatsu four-stroke
2 Tohatsu tiller throttle direction
3 Tohatsu 18hp will not run at full speed / throttle
8 Idle speed is too low after installing new throttle cable. Tohatsu 50hp
5 2012 Tohatsu 15hp Starts in gear only has 1/2 throttle
23 Tohatsu 25hp - banging noise at high throttle during break in
31 Tohatsu 40HP 40 TLDI Wont Run Below 2000 RPM and Requires Half Throttle To Start
8 Changing throttle cam on Nissan/Tohatsu 9.9 with boat in water
3 changing throttle cam on Nissan/Tohatsu 9.9 with engine on boat
3 Tohatsu M60C Throttle Cable Replacement
1 Throttle Valve Tohatsu M3.5B2
18 Throttle issue with my Tohatsu M60B
9 Tohatsu 90A Boggs after hot/full throttle
4 Tohatsu 90HPa slows then dies at full throttle
10 1993 Tohatsu 9.9B2 Throttle Cam Swap
1 Tohatsu m25c2 Throttle Rpm Adjustment
3 Losing Power at full throttle for 1 minute - tohatsu 50MD2
5 throttle adjustment on 30 tohatsu
7 9.8 tohatsu doesnt rev or go faster after half throttle?
7 50hp Tohatsu dies @ full throttle
1 Tohatsu 9.8 - no throttle control
1 Tohatsu 9.9b2 bogs down/dies at above 1/2 throttle
5 Throttle friction tensioner - Tohatsu 15 or any
3 Tohatsu remote steering/throttle conversion

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