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7 Neutral Slide Bar does not clear detent on OMC remote control
6 OMC 800 Stringer, Side Throttle/Shifter Control, Idle Issue:
6 100% newbie omc cobra control problems.
4 OMC Control Harness Adapter
0 Omc side control issues
4 OMC Control box
5 1988 Johnson 88spl OMC control
5 OMC Simplex Shifting control Forward Gear issue
0 OMC Simplex Shifting control
2 Control/shift cable ax cobra 1996
6 Neutral safety switch OMC control
8 Help with omc control wires
1 OMC dual control box cable help
10 1980s omc throttle control throttle friction knob????
8 Disessemble omc control box
1 OMC binnacle control switch problem.
9 Sizing old OMC control cables
1 ? on OMC throttle/shift control
5 Cannot separate OMC throttle shifter control box
3 OMC Throttle Control is not straight up. How do I adjust?
1 broken idle adjuster on 1964 omc simplex dual throttle control box
4 Merc to OMC control conversion
0 OMC control adjustments
0 OMC control unit for 1996 Johnson outboard
2 OMC control box
4 shifth control cable omc control ...
17 Continuous Alarm from OMC Control Box
0 5.8 Litre OMC Cobra Idle Air Control no longer available?
13 1989 OMC King Cobra Remote Control & Cable Replacement - Is it time?
0 OMC binnacle control
2 Replacing OMC Throttle Control Box, HELP!!!
17 OMC/Johnson remote Control Box cable (gear/throttle) alignment or lubrication problem
8 OMC Remote Control Grinding Noise
19 OMC 3 wire tnt pump to 2 wire control system
0 Removed the lanyard kill switch on OMC control box
0 Removed the lanyard kill switch on OMC control box
2 Removed the lanyard kill switch on OMC control box
0 OMC concealed side mount remote control - adjustment of throttle friction screw
2 Changing the orientation of an OMC control
10 how to 1989 OMC v8 5.7 inboard engine oil pressure control?
3 1973 OMC 225 hp Binnacle mounted shift control swith
0 OMC Control Box for 1992 Evinrude 48 SPL - Tilt & Trim Thumb control not working.
4 OMC throttle control removal - help!
0 need help to replace omc control for 1993 150hp evinrude
4 OMC 1989 Cobra Concealed Control Box 174280 Installation Instructions
3 83 johnson 75hp omc control slack
3 omc control parts
0 Johnson, OMC remote control/ cable question
2 Key for OMC Control ignition switch
2 Using OMC control box for Honda
3 1998 OMC side mount control idle problem
6 How do you reassemble an OMC Control ?
10 thumb tilt on omc control box
14 Help understanding OMC cooling system - Control Box
23 Newbie...need help with OMC control box
1 Omc control box
5 OMC Control interlock bypass?????
10 OMC side mount Control Question Backwards
3 OMC cobra top mount control swap out
3 OMC control, 1985 Force OB...control cable options?
0 New OMC remote control on an old motor??
3 OMC binnacle control
2 Relays for OMC Trim/Tilt Control on 1987 Johnson 70 hp
4 Some help please with OMC wiring and older control with trim and tilt
2 OMC Cobra Shift Adjustment Remote control cable and bellcrank issue
13 Change OMC Control for SE116 drive swap?
10 OMC Side Mount Control Manual
4 OMC control box

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