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lifting boat off of trailer

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  • lifting boat off of trailer


    what is the cheapest, mosst effective way to lift my 16 foot fiberglass fish and ski off the trailer to do bodywork on it? any advice is appreciated!


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    Re: lifting boat off of trailer

    If you would have searched "removing boat from trailer" you would have found TD's novel little way...

    Lower the front of trailer all the way to the ground, even lowering roller foot and using a floor jack. Block the stern of the boat and begin raising the front of the trailer. Block the middle and front of the boat and alternate as you pull the trailer out from under it. Good luck!
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      Re: lifting boat off of trailer

      at least i know someone is reading my work.

      Getting Boat Off Trailer

      you don't need stands.

      1/you can lower the tongue to the ground. i would get some 6x6 or old railroad crossties cut the +- 12 inches, now block up the transom. 2/

      Raise the tongue of the trailer the back of trailer will drop away from trailer. this is the tricky part. between the cross braces of the trailer block the keel lower trailer, boat will be suspended on the blocks.

      3/ pull forward, lift bow again, and reblock i a different place. repeat until trailer is out from under the boat.

      4/ to reload, just reverse the procedure.

      if you were just working on the bunks, or painting the bottom. you could just do the first 2 steps.
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        Re: lifting boat off of trailer

        I parked my boat under a large limb in an oak tree. I ran a chain horse from a strap around the bow to the limb with the chain horse between. Above the limb I ran a chain up and towards the trunk and cinched it around the trunk for support (over kill but oh well)

        I ran a strap around the rear of the boat and used a bobcat to lift the rear. Then I rolled the trailer out from under.

        The bobcat is key but hey


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          Re: lifting boat off of trailer

          how I did it....



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            Re: lifting boat off of trailer

            okay i was thinking about fastening a 4 by 4 post across 2 sturdy trees and using that as an overhead hanger. then strap something (haven't figured it out yet) around the boat and hoist it up off the trailer. good idea? and how could i hoist the front up?


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              Re: lifting boat off of trailer

              don't think overhead, think underneath......that's what everyone told me and they were right


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                Re: lifting boat off of trailer

                I really, really cheated, but this is how i did mine lol:

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                  Re: lifting boat off of trailer

                  We hooked the stern of the boat up the the base of a big tree and then slowly pulled the trailer out from under the boat placing foam blocks under the boat.
                  To get the trailer back on, we hooked the trailer up the the truck and hooked the winch strap to the bow hook and started cranking, after unhooking from the tree of course.
                  1987 1987 Lund S-16DLX


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                    Re: lifting boat off of trailer

                    well i dont have access to a fork lift or a large garage lol
                    so how can i use the trees to hoist it up?


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                      Re: lifting boat off of trailer

                      Get a come along or a block & tackle & hook it to a big tree limb & take a chain or good strong rop & hook to the ligting eyes on the logs & hoist it up as high as you need to.

                      I used a cherry picker in the front & a farm jack in the rear with a 4X4X8 running cross ways to pick mine up just enough to get the trailer out. Worked like a charm for me. I have it sitting on heavy duty furniture dollies with rubber tires under the logs. I can move it around & work on it a lot easier then it being on the trailer. I'll use the same method of taking it off to put it back on.


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                        Re: lifting boat off of trailer

                        okay thank you all! I am actually an 18 year old and this is my first real boat (i owned a jon boat before this) so I really am excited to call this boat mine! Me and my dad appreciate this help. I will keep all of you posted on how it goes and maybe post some pics of the before and after shots!