Zodiac FC470 Body Repair Question


Jun 11, 2013

I own a 2003 15.5 ft long Zodiac FC470. It used 940 dtx or 1880 dtx, polyamid, hypalon neoprene material. I stopped by a shop that repairs any type of inflatable boats (white water raft, zodiac boats, etc..). They told me that hypalon is no longer made from Europe and in US but they have PVC materials. I reside in Colorado.

I do not like that idea so I decided to use this forum. Anyone have a suggestion for me to send my boat to get its body repaired. It has some air leaking. I know it might require to 'unsew' the seam to check inside to see if any air leak inside the bouy tube. I just want to use same kind of materials and fix the air leaks unless you have better suggestion for me to DYI repair.

I tried to call some stores (zodiac military boat store, the inflatable boat center in Oregon, and others). No luck.

I hope this forum have answers for me.

Thank you,