Volvo Penta Model D2 40 with sailboat drive model 130S-B

Jan 13, 2022
Hello everyone; I'm new in the forum.
The transmission of the sailboat drive 130S-B does not work as it should.
First of all, we have verified that the transmission from the crown of the SDrive to the propeller is correct. In the process of trying to identify the fault, we have disconnected the cable that goes from the morse to the SDrive selector, in order to actuate it manually.
If we place the selector in forward position with the engine off, and then start the engine, then it pulls perfectly.
If we do the same procedure with the reverse, it also works.
Now, when we start the engine and then move the selector forward or reverse, then it does not pull whatsoever in both gears.
We have disassembled the SDrive module and confirmed that the friction discs and thrust washers have wear. We think that's the problem.
The workshop manual recommends to buy the "front and rear friction plate package and the four thrust washers"
Questions: A) can you confirm that the diagnosis is correct? B) If so, do you know where to buy this kit and approximate FOB Miami price?
We will appreciate any other suggestions to fix this failure.
Tks and rgds
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Jan 13, 2022
Hola Esquivar, gracias por tu información; me ha sido muy util; de hecho junto con el mecánico ya tenemos todos los números de parte necesarios, cantidades y precio de powerproductsystems.
Ellos están localizados al norte de Boston. Estoy buscando otro proveedor cerca del aeropuerto de Miami, ya que es desde donde embarcamos a Uruguay (South America).
Mil gracias por tu ayuda!!


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Mar 10, 2016
Wear might just be the problem. But very often this issue is caused by the wrong oil too.