Trouble shooting trim sender on mercruiser

Dan fuhrman

Feb 4, 2023
Hello all,

Ijust replaced my trim limit and trim sending units , I am having trouble with the new trim sending unit . I have aligned the center cog with the mark on the sender as instructed and inserted sender in to the out drive as instructed and have adjusted the sender so the gauge needle is on the down mark with the lower unit in the full down position , I secured the sending unit with the 2 screws to the out drive as instructed . When I trim up the gauge needle does not move it stays on the down mark on the gauge no mater if the out drive is in the up or down position. I took the sending unit off and turn the center cog by hand and can move the needle any where I choose on the gauge so i can see the problem is not in the gauge , i have inserted back into the out drive and tried again with the same result . No sure what i neeed to do ? Any help would be appreciated. .