Tohatsu m18e2


Jul 6, 2022
Hi all, I’ve got an Tohatsu 18hp 2stroke outboard that when tested in the water would die at high revs.
I’ve fitted new plugs, new fuel and stripped and given the carbs a good clean.
I found the mixture screw was excessively turned out (by previous owner) so have tried to reset it while running the outboard in a large bucket of water, listening to it carefully and using my tachometer to help find the highest idle, then adjusting the idle screw to set the revs. It seems to be running fine now with the mixture screw at 2 turns out, but not yet had a chance to take the boat out and test it in the water.

I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this outboard and knows what the correct setting should be for the mixture screw? I have the manual, but there’s no mention of it in there.

Like I’ve said, it does sound ok now, but just looking for a bit advice to see how close I am to the recommended setting before hitting the water (to put my mind at ease lol)

Any help would be much appreciated.

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