Suzuki 225 EFI Throttle adjustment


Oct 21, 2008
I am fooling around with what I believe is around a 1998 Suzuki 225 EFI two stroke. It is on a 21' center console. The problem is that sometimes it runs right up to 5500, and then after you idle then get on it again, it barely reaches 4100 rpm and can barely get on plane. It seems as if it is having a hard time pushing the boat. I moved the throttle rod a little bit and then it just fell right on its face, not even able to get on plane. After I put it back to where it was, it got on plane, with a struggle, and ran again only 4100. The filters are clean and the fuel is fresh. I just got this boat and am just getting it running for a friend to sell. What would cause this? Is it a mere adjustment of the throttle/timing. or could it be a TPS. I have not bought any books on this because I don't plan on buying it, but I do have free use until he sells it....whenever he sells it, so I said I would work on it a bit.

Anybody have any ideas????