Ski locker not draining


Jul 25, 2023
I recently purchased a 2003 Larson SEI 180. After a hard rain I noticed the ski locker was full of water and not draining. There are what appears to be 3 drill holes in the bottom of the compartment. I attempted to blow out those drain holes with my air compressor and when that didn't work I tried to vacuum out any trash with my shop vac with no success. I used my shop vac to get all of the water out and called it a day. The next day there was a little water back in the compartment but nothing too bad. We took the boat out and very minimal water was added to the compartment.

After cleaning the boat I again used a shop vac to get all the water out. I noticed that water was coming up from 2 of the drill holes back into the locker as seen in the pictures attached. I attempted to stick a clothes hanger through the holes and it would not go more than a half inch inside the hole.

Shouldn't there have been a legitimate drain hole here from the factory? I'm new to boats and looking to see what everyone thinks the best course of action should be now. Thanks in Advance.


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