Posting website.



OK-stupid question. How do I post a website inside of these postings? I notice alot of you have something that says-click here or a highlighted website.


Oct 3, 2001
Re: Posting website.

Yo Dj<br /><br />you got to have a server store your pics so we can access them. Sometimes your service provider gives you some free web space to do this. Phone and ask them. If they don't, this place will give you free space. If you just want to post a website, go to the website you want to post and highlight and copy the address. Then within your iboat post, select URL and paste the address in.<br /><br />good luck!


Petty Officer 2nd Class
Dec 3, 2001
Re: Posting website.

Hey DJ<br />There are no stupid questions . A wise man once told me "everything is easy when you know how". Mr Schematic is as always correct. If everything is still a little confusing try this. For the web site postings, next time you post a reply look under the gray buttons for a blue title " What is UBB Code? ". Click on it and it will give detailed instructions on how all of these neat little tricks work. The gray buttons (URL, BOLD, ect.) are just short cuts to all that gobbledy goop and make the job easier. Once you get that figured out just follow Mr. Schem's instructions and have fun. The other stuff, posting drawings and those great "Schematics", is a little more complicated. As described you need to set up Web space. Call and find out if your Internet Provider has it. Mine provides space for free. You then need a little program called an “FTP” (File Transfer Protocol). These can be downloaded from the internet for free. This is a program that gets the pictures from your computer to the web space. It will probably take some figurin out as it took me 3 days to finally figure out what I needed to do and then put it all in place. As for those great schematics that he makes you have to do them on a program that will allow you to export them to a file as “JPEG” or “GIF”. Microsoft Powerpoint is one such program. I don’t know of any others. When you have completed your drawing, you save these as JPEG or GIF files to a known file(example "my documents")in your hard drive and then upload them to your web space using the FTP program. Any pictures or diagrams you want to post, if they are of the same file format, (JPEG, GIF) can be upload to the web space in the same manner using the FTP program. This was a fun challenge for me once I figured it out. Give it a try, I’m sure it will give you the same satisfaction.<br /><br />Good Luck<br />Just My $.02 worth