No spark volvo penta 4.3 L v6 1997


Oct 6, 2019
Hi everyone, I'm a new member, my name is Marcel and I live in Spain.
I have an issue with my right engine and I'll hope someone could help to find out what the problem is..first I'll try to explain what I did so far so you guys now the ins and outs.
Bought the boat recently, it's a Gobbi 265 cabin from "97 with 2 gasoline engines volvo penta 6 cyl. 4.3 L '97.
Both engines run well at the beginning.
Already did some maintenance on both engine,, new impellers water pumps, new fuel filters, re done both holley double barrel carbs with new complete kit, new spark plugs.
After a while left engine started to have issues, with full throttle ( in gear)felled dead, arround 2000 rpm or less no problem. Right engine no problems.
It seems to me that it was a fuel problem so hat's why I decided to do a overhaul on both carbs.
Put both carbs back and left engine runs well ( haven't tested it yet in gear because... ) now all of a sudden the right engine won't start , it cranks but won't start, ignition checked and no spark at the spark plugs and neither at the coil.
As I'm lucky enough(or not😜) to have 2 engines and the other engine runs well, I swapped the coil, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires, coil wire, ignition module ( of course piece after piece to know where the problem came from) and problem still the same, no spark!!
With the key in ignition I've also checked if there was 12v on the purple wire from the alternator to the coil and I had 12v,
Also both wires to the ignition module had 12v .
The only thing I couldn't check (because I am alone) yet was while starting the engine if there is 12v on the same wires.
I'll check this tomorrow with a friend of mine.
I'll let you know tomorrow what the result is of that.
Maybe someone has been facing the same problem and an idea where the problem could come from!!
Maybe a broken relais, or a safety switch that cuts off the electricity...I have no clue.
Thanks a lot for reading my forum and I'll hope to solve the problem asap.

Best regards from Spain


Rear Admiral
Mar 10, 2016
Hi marcel.
it sounds similar to an ignition sensor issue. Sometimes called a distributor sensor.
do you have a sensor on the side of or inside your Diz?
I would be tempted to take the whole diz unit out the running engine and swap it over. Not just the cap. The whole unit.
had this revently on a VP571 engine.