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Aug 3, 2022
92 wave runner 3 won't go over 1/4 throttle just falls on it's face and does this surging kinda missing thing starts fine throttle is responsive then go to crud has fresh fuel filter knew carb good fire compression is 145 in both cylinder exhaust is clear cut plug wire ends knew plugs disconnected the temp sensor I'm trying not to get frustrated but it is brought it last year from a buddy said it only needed carb work second summer is almost over help plz kids and wife are going to sell me i think if i don't get is running


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Mar 8, 2009
Never worked on a wave runner, suggest posting on greenhulk forum. Those guys know them better


May 26, 2018
Like AD I have little experience with PWCs, but a fair amount with carb engines. My neighbor's PWC did the same and I chased it down to a clogged fuel filter. Lack of fuel was his problem and I'm guessing it's yours too.
Trace from the gas tank to the carb. Disconnect the gas supply to the carb or fuel filter with a collection cup and see if you get a good stream of gas.
If you don't get a solid stream, remove the gas fill cap. They're supposed to be vented, at least when the PWC is upright. Your cap may be bad. If you still get a trickle suspect a blockage in the fuel supply line or crud in the tank. Back blow from the carb to the tank with compressed air. Rubber fuel lines, if allowed in PWC's can deteriorate inside and clog the works.
If you find a good fuel stream at the start, suspect the carb. I don't know if you have a float bowl carb or a diaphragm carb. Float carb suspect the float setting. Diaphragm carbs work using a vacuum pulse, generally through a port in the mounting gasket. Make sure all passages are open.


Mar 10, 2016
Almost certainly a fuel related issue usually. That’s if the battery is good and charge to it, keeping enough on tap for the thing to keep firing.
Anyway. Back to the fuel. I’ve had a few of these in bits over the years. More specifically the 800 model, to be honest…but fairly similar thing. Things to look at;
Check the fuel filter it has. Usually in the front of the ski. It’s very common for these to be fitted the wrong direction and of course get clogged up.
Check there isn’t water in the tank too and fuel is good.
There is a fuel selector on the ski. For off, on and reserve (usually). Check the actual valve itself isn’t clogged up and causing a restriction.
At the carbs…some of these by now will have the oil injection system done away with. That means there should be blanks fitted on the mikuni carbs where the oil lines used to be. Check they are still in place and not missing (if it’s running pre mix). Small caps that get fitted. Just to stop them pulling air.
Check the non return valve in the fuel supply line too. Common to get issues.
And most of all…if you haven’t already, get the carbs cleaned properly and make sure the fuel pumps aren’t bad on each.
Might also sound obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how common it is for these to run terribly just because there is a bad connection at the battery terminals. Not always obvious either.
Just finally. Make sure the battery is definitely good and it’s getting a small charge from the stator. Just because it starts ok…doesn’t mean the battery is good. These wee things easily break down Internally and can fail to keep their power. Put a meter on it when it’s running and make sure it’s getting some charge too. The charging system and voltage regulator is easily damaged if it’s ever been jump started off a running car or boat. They can’t take that kind of juice going through the delicate system.
Good luck.