Newbies Trying to Learn All We Can

Oct 9, 2021
We just recently acquired a 1988 Bayliner Trophy I/O 2160. It has a soft top. We know that it runs, as my husband helped the second owner "fog the motor" two years ago when it was put away for the winter, and due to illness it hasn't been out since.

We are trying to find any owners manuals for it, but are coming up empty. We want to get a cover for it for winter storage and do our research, so we can have all we need to get it going in the spring.

We are completely new to this level of boating, and don't know what we don't know.

ANY guidance would be appreciated!

The Baileys
1988 Bayliner Trophy 2160 Cuddy I/O.... Still figuring the rest out


Lieutenant Commander
Sep 10, 2010
Have you looked on Bayliner's site?
Theres a lot there and if you dont find what you need, they have a forum there too.
I was able to print out the manual for my 2003.
Yours is a bit older, so it may be more difficult.

You can get aftermarket covers that work pretty well for protection.
I use my original mooring covers with a full aftermarket cover over them. My boat is bone dry. The mooring covers and their poles support the second cover.
Whatever cover you use, just make sure the water cannot pool. Place whatever you can underneath to prevent pooling. Tubes, beach balls, air mattresses, etc.

You can also build a temporary wooden "A" frame over the whole boat for winter protection and cover that with a tarp or multiple tarps. Place heavy rocks on the tarp at the ground to hold it down. Use rope through the tarp grommets to secure it.


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May 2, 2016
33 year old Bayliner, suggest you have someone check the hull for flotation water saturation and rotten wooden stringers in the hull. These things are common in older Bayliners. In addition have a marine mechanic check the engine and out drive to make sure all is well so no problems when you take it out. Also have the mechanic do a tuneup and change oil in the engine and out drive. And finally have the mechanic install a new water pump impeller. After sitting for 2 years that impeller likely has a “set” in it and will perform poorly or fail.