New Sailer getting started!


May 5, 2023
Hi All.
So I was in the Navy but it’s 23 years since I did my sailing 2 day course. All my knots or bends and hitches I remember but everything else is hazy.
I have booked a sailing course coming up and up here in Canada our boating season is mid /late May to Late Sept so I already reserved a mooring on my local to me Lake where they Sail a lot.
My biggest thing is right now which boat to buy.
I currently have 2 options. A Hunter 240 and a Macgregor 26x both 2001.
Both appear to be in good condition, the Macgregor is local to me, has tons of extras with it, appears to have been modernized, gelcoated last year etc.
I have heard these are 2 of the worst hits to own apparently on the internet so I guess I’m looking for guidance! I’m in Alberta so options here are limited!

Thanks all


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Jul 18, 2011
Welcome to iBoats . . .

The biggest negative (IMO) is the water ballast design (instead of a traditional weighted keel). Basically, water ballast is a trailering compromise for day (or short-term) launching. The problem is that you have to carry a lot of ballast (water weight) in the hull in order to get enough 'righting moment' in the event of a knock down. This makes them sluggish as sailboats.

A friend of mine has the Macgregor and seems to like it. The Macgregor is also touted as a power boat (using it without the sail or water ballast) and many are equipped with a 50 HP outboard. I'm not sure how practical that is though . . . There are dual rudders to accomodate the center-located outboard engine.

I tend to like the lines of the Hunter, as it is more of a traditional sailing boat (even though it is water ballast).


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Jul 7, 2010
The Macgregor is a little more of a rhino compared to the slick lines of the Hunter. I would think that gives the Hunter a performance advantage, but the attraction of the "stoutness" of the Macgregor would possibly be a big draw to me.

Is the sail package the same for either boat? If one has a better / more complete set of sails, that could be a differentiator as well.


Jun 28, 2002
If you have a competitive nature I think you will be disappointed in either. Really depends on how you want to use it..if it were me I would finish your class and then hang out at the docks and crew on a few different boats..