Need Help with Remote control box


Aug 11, 2022
I have been working on my 1988 Bluefin Sportsman with a 1988 85 HP Force outboard this year and I am trying to get it back to tip top shape just recently put a new starter in it turns over great now. Now my new issue is when ever I go to put it in gear "Forward or Reverse" it stalls the motor out. I am not great with mechanical work and I was thinking about replacing the throttle cable box and the linkages all together to get it a bit up to date. I just do not know what throttle boxes will work for it or if I can use any kind. I am unable to find a replacement Throttle box for what's on it now and I do not know anything about it. The only thing I can see from the box I have now is it says Pull out Neutral and that's for full neutral. I was told that the linkages may need to be lubed up because they said its stiff when u engage it but I don't see how that would kill the motor.