model & year of my new boat


Oct 16, 2013
I have just brought home a Tom Sawyer deep V boat. It has a tag on it 'TMRW0114M73F'. Trying to figure out what this all gives for information; TMRW-Model? 0114-114th one built? M73- May 1973? F-?


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Jul 18, 2011
Re: model & year of my new boat

I'm not sure when the HIN number format became standard across the U.S. boating industry, but here is an excerpt on how to decipher the number. All boat manufacturers use the same format.

HIN formats

The manufacturer had a choice of using either the model-year format or the straight-year format, both of which identified the month and year of production.
• Characters 1, 2, and 3 of the HIN are the Manufacturer's Identification Code, and are assigned by the federal government.
• Characters 4 through 8 are the alpha-numeric serial number, which is assigned at the discretion of the manufacturer (I, O, or Q cannot be used in this serial number).
• In the model-year format, the 9th character will always be M, indicating the manufacturer is using the model year format. Then characters 10 and 11 indicate the year, and character 12 is a letter indicating a month, starting with August. Thus, if characters 9 through 12 of the HIN were "M80B," the boat was built in September of 1980. Why the lettering of the months in the model year system began with August is incomprehensible.
• In the numerical straight-year format, characters 9 through 12 are simply the month and year of production. Thus, 0879 would indicate August 1979.

So for TMRW0114M73F

TMR - Manufacturer

W0114 is a sequential number assigned at the manufacturer's discretion

73F would indicate 1973 and the 6th month of the model year.
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