Mar 15, 2023
OK so title says not rotted but Im not 100% sure that that would be the cause. I have tapped around the transom with ball pin hammer and its has solid spring and doesnt have flat sound or rotted. The fallowing is what ive done so far.
Took the outdrive off and there was lots of water in the gimbal area with lots of calcium build up and rust on knuckles so im assuming this has been leaking for a while. I am replacing the gimbal bearing and seal obviously along with all gaskets, bellows water inlet hose and o-rings. While im in there im changing out the shift cable. If anyone thinks i should do anything else then let me know.
Ok so that all being said do you think the gasket or bellows was the cause of the water leaking in from the bottom transom plate drain hole? Or do you think i have a rotten transom? I took a hammer and tapped all around and got solid spring back from the taps so dont sound like any dead spots. But the only way that i can tell in transom is rotted is to remove motor and look behind transom plate from inside. And I REALLY dont want to do that just to find out its fine. Any suggestions? Also there is a very very tiny pin hole at bottom corner of the part of the outdrive that is attached to the transom it self is that normal or if not can i repair that with some form of epoxy from the outside without removing it. Because i again might need to remove engine to do that.
Pic is of where water is coming in through the drain hole (NOT to be confused with drain plug which the hole is directly above by a few inches) on the lower transom plate. from what im told this holw is to let water out that has gotten between transome to help prevent rot.


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kenny nunez

Jun 20, 2017
If it was possible to watch the leak and it was coming from a higher spot just under the drive shaft then the source will be the bellows. Now if the transom was soft this is also where water will show.
You can try to check some of the nuts inside the transom that you can reach. If any are real loose you might get by for the season by tightening them, and seating around the outer plate.
Good luck


Senior Chief Petty Officer
Jul 13, 2011
I have an express cruiser and had a leak from the transom asy. I have a mercruiser i/o. I did have to pull the motor, clean everything up and re assemble. The seal design kind of sucks...but it seems to be fine now...ruff job!