Kawasaki 750 Xi Super Sports 1993 Drive Bearing removal


Nov 27, 2011
Hi all, first post here.

I checked archives but could not find what I wanted to know.

I need to replace the Drive shaft bearing. I already have the jet pump out completely and was wonding do I need to actually remove the engine out of the Ski hull to extract the drive shaft and bearing housing or can I just disconnect the engine connections and move it forward.

Also, if the engine does move forward, would I need to disconnect and move the large plastic fuel tank in the bow of the Skit forward, to allow room for the engine to be moved forward?

I am looking forward to answers from those that that have actually done this work on this Jet Ski Model.

Thanks in advance.


Petty Officer 1st Class
Sep 18, 2009
Re: Kawasaki 750 Xi Super Sports 1993 Drive Bearing removal

no you shouldnt have to remove the tank..just pull the hoses out and label if you think you will forget where they go.
actually label everything u take off with some paper tape.
did u try using a cheapo bearing puller tool..it might work if the space isnt that tight and that could save pulling the engine out.
good luck