ISO Windshield and Frame for 1968 14' Mark Twain Runabout


Nov 19, 2006
I've been looking for a replacement windshield for this boat for years. Unfortunately, I do not have the original frame for it so I am at a bit of a loss as to how to find a replacement since I do not know exactly what the original looked like. I cannot even find a picture of another example of the boat. I suspect that Mark Twain LLC did not manufacture their own windshields and frames, which would make it possible to find a donor windshield from another make and model of boat, yet still wind up with an accurate restoration. The windshield would measure about 55" long and 13" deep. The height is a mystery but any windshield that suits the Length and Width will most likely be proportional. Of course I'd prefer to just be able to transplant a new windshield and frame, but I know that's not likely to happen, however, If I could find an old frame worthy of reconditioning, I do have the skills to fit it with some new acrylic.

I live in the Toledo Ohio area, so if you know of any good resources for scavenging old boat parts, please let me know where to find them. Boat junkyards or whatever.

Thank you.


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Scott Danforth

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Jul 23, 2011
You can have an acrylic window formed