Is there a Zodiac boat which weighs 50lbs or less?


Aug 14, 2011
I am looking for a boat, which I can carry with me on an airplane (checked in, of course!) for my travel abroad. I once saw an ad on craigslist which had the following description. Unfortunately, someone got it to it, before I could. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This was the exact ad from the seller...

I am selling an Inflatable Zodiac Boat. This is a Zodiac boat, that actually fits in an old Hockey bag I have. The bottom of the boat is the same plastic material as the rest of the boat, and includes wooden slats for support. The boat is great! I have used it in Ohio, Michigan, and even took it to GRAND CAYMAN! for some scuba diving and fishing. The hockey bag with foldable Oars, Slates, Boat, and Pump is right at 50 lbs! so I was able to put it under the plane from Ohio to Cayman! Very cool boat, but I have not used it in 3yrs and am moving and have decided I no longer need it. See photos below, and inquire for questions.

THe boat has a board on the back that has supported a 3.5 Horse motor as well as an electric motor (1st image, this can be seen). The image with us rowing, the boat has two complete sets of dives gear (BCD, Fins, etc. TANKS!), and as you can see was even able to handle some waves out in the ope ocean!

ITs a great "BOAT IN A BAG"