I have a 2006 Glastron 5.7 gxi G Volvo Penta with a tilt motor relay problem


Aug 17, 2015
I have a 2006 Glastron 5.7 gxi- G Volvo Penta. It has been working great up till yesterday when I could not raise the lower unit to trailer it out of the water. I traced it to a relay and it was blown. I went to a marine store and they looked up and told me a 12-volt 40 amp relay is what I needed. They did not have one in stock and told me I could get one from the auto parts dealer. So I went to get one and was told it crossed over to a 12 volt 30 amp but did not have that seal gel on the bottom of the five prong relay so I'm not sure if that's sealed or not and would work. So I tried it and it sparked when I plugged it in and tripped another fuse with the reset button on it. It got hot to the touch but pulled it out right away.


Supreme Mariner
Mar 8, 2009
New relay installed and had sparks and blew main trim breaker. Sounds like the motor shorted out