Exhaust Hose Removal Help,,,415 Cruisers Yachts Express MY 2007


Jun 28, 2010
I have a 2007 415 Express MY which needs to have both exhaust hoses replaced. These are the hoses that run from the waterlift muffler, through a bulkhead and along both sides to the exhaust port on the transom of the boat. I have had mechanics on the boat for two days that removed cabinetry, the aft hot water heater, and other segments of the boat to try to get to these hoses to have them replaced. The hoses are secured with zip ties every two feet which are inaccessible to be cut. Bottom line, they can't get the hoses out of the boat much less trying to run new hoses.

Has anyone had this done and if so, how do you access the old hoses so that they can be removed. OR, do we just leave the old hoses in place and try to run new hoses along side them...if we can even snake the hoses through these inaccessible areas. We have not been able to find any access points behind cabinets, under floors, etc. I have now been informed that the existing hose is leaking exhaust and the boat can not be operated safely.

Any help is most appreciated.


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Jun 17, 2012
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