evinrude branded suzuki 50hp 4 stroke oil light on


Jul 22, 2013
hi all, I have a 2000 model evinrude branded Suzuki 50hp 4 stroke. has the 'system check'. the 'no oil light' is illuminated. I have run the key check to retrieve trouble codes and none come up. the light stays on all the time. engine oil is full. is there some way to reset this light? or is there a sensor somewhere I can change? I have a manual on order. local dealer is very vague when asking questions about this. says it needs to come it but they can't see it for 3 weeks at least. anybody have any ideas on this. engine does not have rpm restrictions. model #E50pl4ss, serial #18003756, production date 5/99. thanks for any and all info anyone can provide. jp