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Jul 7, 2010
For years boating Enthusiasts have been shopping online for boat parts and accessories; however, it’s very difficult for Enthusiasts to learn about the latest boat products and customizations as well as find trusted boating service Professionals to help them repair, maintain, and customize their boat.

iBoats has built new online tools to connect boating enthusiasts and professionals. We want to invite boating Professionals to create user "PRO" profiles, answer Enthusiasts’ boating questions, showcase their services work through Ideabooks with pictures and even post “how to” tutorial videos.

**Professionals community activities will be limited to certain types of activities. Here’s a working list of what Professionals can and cannot do:

  1. Can add a description about their business during the registration process subject to the restrictions below. Note, this description can be edited from the user's "Edit Profile" link (top right) on their user homepage.
  2. Can answer Enthusiasts’ questions in the forum using text, pictures and/or video; however, Pros’ answers must be relevant to the thread and subject to the restrictions below. Importantly, if a Pro is giving bad/wrong advice then regardless of their accreditation(s) we would want to moderate that thread in order to protect our community (and our reputation).
  3. Can showcase their products/services using their user profile page as well as their Ideabook pictures/videos such as boat detail work, oil change, electrical wiring job, engine repair, canvas, etc. subject to the restrictions below.
  4. Can post “how to” Ideabooks including pictures/videos subject to the restrictions below.
  5. Can brand any of their content using their Pro name, logo, and contact information, etc. subject to the restrictions below. For example, videos can include their logo, watermark, and/or audio mention of their business.
  6. Can post links in the forum to products being sold in the iBoats store (cannot post product links to any other e-commerce competitors).
  7. Can post links recommending offline service shops subject to the restrictions below. For example, if an Enthusiast is asking where they can repair their windlass in Pompano Beach, FL; and there's a Pro in that area that repairs winches; then that Pro can recommend themselves. In this way, the Pro is directly answering the Enthusiast's question.
  8. Can update their "Forum Status" with a message about their business subject to the restrictions below.
  1. Cannot directly sell or promote any specific products/services for sale (e.g., “Oil Change for $99” or “Spark Plugs for $4.99”) in the forum nor in their Ideabook pictures/videos. Users cannot advertise specific products or services. For clarification, “direct” selling means any posts that include pricing or pricing promotions (e.g., “Simple Green $9.99”), specific products or services (e.g., “Winterize Your Boat Today!”), etc.
  2. Cannot post unrelated content in any forum threads. For example, Pros cannot randomly post about their water ski business in a thread related to engine repair.
  3. Cannot promote any non-boating products/services such as vitamins or car insurance; however, Pros can promote boating-related activities such as fishing, camping, SCUBA, whale watching, water sports, marinas, etc. subject to these guidelines.
  4. Cannot post links to competing e-commerce websites.
  5. Cannot broker or complete a sales transaction through the forum nor Ideabooks. For example, someone can't use the forum nor Ideabooks as a sort of classifieds to directly advertise a product/service (i.e., they can't include pricing), solicit customers, and/or broker or complete a sales transaction. However, as explained above, Professionals can showcase their boating products/services and especially their boating services in such a way that explains the benefits to our community of Enthusiasts.
Professional users MUST BE registered as such. All users are subject to all preexisting FORUM RULES, except as noted above. Enthusiasts can be converted to Professional accounts from their account admin page.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are "Professionals" going to be vetted to make sure they truly are professionals and just not shade tree hacks?
    • iBoats offers a rating tool for "Pro" accounts whereby our community of Enthusiasts can give the Pros good or bad ratings. Furthermore, if a Professional is giving bad/wrong advice then regardless of their accreditation(s) our forum moderators will edit/stop the conversation in order protect our community of enthusiasts.
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