2006 Seadoo rxp supercharged

Jul 11, 2023
So here’s my dilemma! Took my ski to a performance shop to diagnose crank no start and backfires throws codes for crank positioning sensor!fast forward $600 later told compression 150 psi across all three timing is good etc etc told the ecu is bad! Buy new ecu $1100 and plus programming still no start! Found out previous owner had new engine installed sbt engine and so needed different programming and still no start same issues! $2500 later now the shop wants $2500 to remove the engine to check the fly wheel bolts or something else! Plus what ever to fix it plus the $2500 engine removal! I’m lost for words! Any idea what’s wrong with this ski or how to fix it would be appreciated! Im not going to invest $2500 plus to have a shop to not have it fixed again! Tyia!


Fleet Admiral
Jul 27, 2007
When I hear reman engines I want to run away. People rarely take good care of boats, and PWCs are even worse. My 2005 is still running well with the original engine. What does that say about the PO?

Another problem is the fact that its getting harder and harder to find good mechanics. Just throw parts and hope for the best.

You have a 17 year old rebuilt jetski. Maybe worth $4000 in running condition. You will be exceeding it's value.

IMHO, what's wrong is a poorly done reman. You will be throwing good money after bad.