2006 90HP Optimax Oil Tank Replacement


Jan 4, 2020
For the second time in 2 years I believe my oil tank float has gone bad (magnet separated from float). At $350 each for a new oil tank this is getting crazy (bad design). The first time I had someone else replace it. This time I want to try and do it to save money. I purchased a service manual but the instructions are very vague. It says to disconnect the switch and the oil line but those are under the tank and I cannot get to them. Does the lower cowling have to be taken of? Also, the throttle body is behind it. Does anything need to be disconnected there? I already took out the 2 top bolts that hold it in place. It is loose but it seems like the throttle body is holding it from coming out (of course along with the oil line and switch). Lastly, to confirm it is the float I would like to jump the wires to see if the alarm goes away. I see a red and a black wire that go down in that direction that have male/female push connectors. Is that what I jump or do I need to get to the switch that goes to the bottom of the tank and jump that?


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May 24, 2011
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Look in your service manual at either troubleshooting the oil system or the electrical schematic.