1997 bayliner jazz sport jet 120 xr help


Jun 28, 2023
hello new to the group and first post.
i own a 1997 bayliner jazz sport jet 120xr and i had no spark so i removed the black/yellow wire from the rev limiter and baaam i had spark. so i replaced the rev limiter with what i think was the correct one. boat would not start with the new rev limiter installed and connected, so i unplugged the black/ yellow wire and it started right up and ran. i turned the key off and it would not kill the engine until i plugged the black/yellow wire back in and it killed the engine. any help or thoughts from anyone is greatly appreciated and oh the engine smoked alot more than usual white heavy thick smoke. not sure where to go from here , trigger, stator or coils, thanks to the ones who can help me.