1947 Arkansas Traveler UT-12 restoration questions


Feb 23, 2014
I have a 1947 UT-12 with what the title says is an "icebreaker keel". I am very unsure of what I have here, but that s not the reason I am here. The reason I am here is because I need to replace the (and I am going to spell this the two different ways the net has this listed) GUNNELS/ GUNWALES. I was told that what remains on the boat as of right now is 100% original from 1947 (not sure how true it is), but I need to replace the wood, I would like to never have to do this again as it appears too be a pain in the butt. Any assistance in making this small task easy would be greatly appreciated and is needed.


Sep 17, 2010
Re: 1947 Arkansas Traveler UT-12 restoration questions

Hi bayouguy. Welcome to iboats. Great to have another Arkansas Traveler owner here in the forums. I have a '59 DUT-14 myself. You can see it in my avatar and signature. Replacing the gunnel is fairly simple. You just need to cut timber to length, then seal and install it. There are several types of wood you can use, but oak, teak and cypress are all good choices. You can seal them with 2-part epoxy or spar urethane or teak oil. They can then be fastened to the hull using aluminum rivets, stainless steel hardware, or bronze screws. There are actually a few other members in the middle of this exact same job. Do a search in the forums for their threads.
As for the "ice breaker keel" I think that may be a bit of a marketing name for the stock, factory, 1" aluminum keel which runs down the center of the hull. No ice down here in FL, but my boat has one and it is definitely handy for those time when you hit the beach/ramp a little too hard. However, despite the particular brand, it's still just an aluminum (aka "tin") boat which means there are really only a few rules to remember. No pressure treated wood. Instead seal non-PT and mount with aluminum rivets or ss hardware. Any bracing can be done with aluminum angle or 2"x 2" lumber. That's really about it. The rest is simply a matter of time, money and creativity. This may help too.

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