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    My 84 4winns horizon 195 project.

    You're doing a nice job and the detail that you are putting into the thread is really good.
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    1 or 2 PDS bearings in my Volvo 270 outdrive

    Chris Craft Lancers have fiberglass stringers without wood, from all my research, which is one reason why I got this boat. Like I stated, I'm trying to get this mechanically sound before going any further. I know the boat has issues, probably a few I can't see or have even thought about. I will...
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    1 or 2 PDS bearings in my Volvo 270 outdrive

    Have a look here.
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    1 or 2 PDS bearings in my Volvo 270 outdrive

    That makes sense. I hear you on the spending money. It needs a new floor and all the poorly applied paint stripped from the hull as well. But I'm not doing any of that until it's proven mechanically. I may not have explained it correctly about the thru hull raw water. The hull exhaust port in...
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    1 or 2 PDS bearings in my Volvo 270 outdrive

    That will certainly tell me. I was hoping to pre order the parts.
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    1 or 2 PDS bearings in my Volvo 270 outdrive

    Hi Guys, I have a 75 CC Lancer 19. I've never had it on the water and I got it from a deceased estate, so got no info regarding the boat. From various internet searches I'm pretty sure it has a 270 on it, and I read they are all interchangeable 270-280. I had seen that it may also be a 275 for...
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    Mercruiser based power steering onto Volvo Penta

    Hi, I have a 75 CC Lancer that has a VP outdrive. From my research it should be either a 270/280, all the markings are covered in paint. I am wondering if the power steering ram will work from an 83 Four Winns Liberator 201? If yes what would be involved/pitfalls? I have the Liberator as a...
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    1975 Chris Craft Lancer 19'

    Hi Guys, Quick intro....Yes I'm an Aussie, stranded on the shore of the East Coast USA.... New to power boats but have had a sailboat in the past. Restore muscle cars for fun (currently have 6) and figured I don't have enough projects so I would get myself a boat! Have worked on and around the...
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    6.2 MPI Closed cooling onto 350 based engine

    Hi Guys, I have a 383 chevy in my 75 CC Lancer. I'm looking to install a closed cooling system on it and aftermarket is quite expensive, nearly as much as I paid for the whole boat. Engine has v belts and at this stage no power steering though I may add that in the future. A guy local to me...
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    1988 Four Winns 160 Freedom

    Hi Guys I'm looking at this boat as a first boat purchase. Want to get the 2 kids out on the water and do some tubing,knee boarding and progress to wakeboarding/skating. This boat has the 3.0 OMC Cobra engine/drive. The boat looks to be in incredible condition and has been garage kept it's...