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    Wear & Tear Comparison

    I suspect I may be wrong in my understanding of engine wear & tear, but it seems that inboard gas engines get a lot more wear when compared to their automotive cousins. Is it reasonable to expect the same general life duration (in terms of engine hours) of a automotive engine in a car as it...
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    Kicker Sizing

    It seems as if the Merc 9.9 HP outboard is the most popular kicker by quite a margin. It certainly is very common when looking at boats for sale on the net. Is there some well known reason for this ? I would think that something a bit smaller (and very fuel efficient) might be the common...
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    Aux. or Backup Water Pump ?

    It seems that I've read a few postings about water pump failures that resulted in engine damage. Has anyone developed or produced a back up or "standby" pump to prevent this from happening ?
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    General recommendation for slower speed, "Econo Prop"

    I've been giving some thought to options that might extend motor life and reduce fuel consumption. Two thoughts come to mind that might help extend engine life and improve mileage. Reducing engine speed to some degree should reduce the wear and tear on the engine to some degree. An...
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    Suggestions/Recommendations - Slow, but reliable

    Both my wife and I retired at the beginning of June and are interested in both Boating and Fishing. Fortunately, our home is near several rivers and bodies of water in Northern Idaho and North Eastern Washington. We would like to begin the search for a boat to use during our retirement, as we...