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  1. martys

    My new pontoon

    I bought a brand new Premier 22.5 Legend RE Triple toon with a 150 E-Tec. The center log has full length strakes. The ride is smooth and sweet, top speed is low 40's. It's a great boat for cruising or pulling tubes or skiers.
  2. martys

    Changing lower unit gear oil on 2009 Etec Motor.

    I want to re-power my boat with a 150 E-tec motor. Gathering information, Evinrude claims there's no service or maintenance for three years. I would like to change the gear oil every year too make sure there's no water in the lower unit. Is changing the gear oil the same as any other lower...
  3. martys

    Thunderbolt Ignition Sensor question?

    I have a 1992, 4.3L, V6, Alpha One, MerCruiser. I had to replaced the ignition sensor during the 2002 season. Since then, it seems like every year and a half, I have to replace the sensor. Today, the engine would not start after water skiing for about 3 hours. Using my MerCruiser shop...
  4. martys

    4.3L MerCruiser possible fuel problems!!!

    Here's some back ground info with my problem. I have a 1992, 4.3L, V6. The engine has been running great until last week. Its starts up fine, I can run it without any problems for about 45 minutes (anywhere between idle speed to wot.). After this time, starting from a hole shot, once the rpm...
  5. martys

    19' Coral, 1975

    I just got this boat, a 1975 Coral 19' runabout, it's in great condition but I can't find any information about it. Can anyone help?
  6. martys

    Coral Boats

    I recently acquired a 1975, 19', Coral boat that is in great condition. I would like to find some infomation about this boat, but I have yet to find anything. <br /><br />Can anybody help?
  7. martys

    4.3L will not run after warming up

    I have a 1992, 4.3L, V6, Mercruiser; the engine (cold) starts fine, runs great for about 15 minutes (at all speed ranges). When I slow the boat down to idle speed, within 5 to 10 minutes, the engine knocks (like firing only on 4 cylinders) then dies. It will not start again until I wait about...
  8. martys

    Installing captain chairs

    I want to remove the lounge seats from my boat and install captain chairs. This is my first time installing the base for the chairs. What is the best way of securing the base to the fiberglass floor?
  9. martys

    Johnson '73 85hp Will not idle properly

    Untill last weekend, the motor ran fine (for all these years). Now, the motor is hard to start (warm or cold) but eventually it will. Once it starts, I constantly adjust the idle arm to keep it from stalling. If I put it in gear and go fast, the motor runs fine. When I slow down and try to...
  10. martys

    Year of Johnson motor

    The serial # is J 3855926;<br /> model # is 85esl-73m.<br /> It is an 85 hp.