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    Does anyone know anything about Calais

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Calais boats. Thanks Naslund
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    Help me decided between 2 boats

    I'm having troubles deciding between 2 boats if you have time to look at these let me know what you think. Thanks, Naslund
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    18.5ft Malibu w/ 4cyl volvo i/o

    My wife and I are looking at this boat. We have only ever had a boat with an outboard. This would be our first I/O and I'm nervous about it. At this point I'm not the most mechanical, I'm an auto painter not a mechanic. This is the write up on the boat and engine. If you could just read it...
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    I need help changing my prop.

    I need to change the prop on my Johnson 100 and I'm not sure what is needed. The boat is moored in the marina and I need to try and do this with the boat in the water and the motor tilted up. I know there is a slip pin but other than that I'm not sure. Thanks Naslund
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    Few nicks on the fiberglass hull

    I recently just got a 16ft Beachcraft Bow Rider. It has always been a trailered boat. I am putting in a salt water marina until the end of September. The hull has a few nicks in it, probably from beaching. I've never taken on water. Is it something that I have to take care of before mooring...
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    Early 80's Johnson V4 100HP

    On my controls, just below the ignition I have a dial/knob that is labelled "Throttle Friction". Can any one please tell me what it does? Thanks, Naslund
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    Flushing a Johnson v4-100

    I usually trailer my 16ft Beachcraft, I am tired of the lines at the launch. I'm mooring it in a salt water marina for the summer. I don't have power tilt so the motor is either up or down. Can I still hook up the "earmuffs" and flush the engine while the motor is tilted up? Naslund
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    First time out on the boat

    Took the boat out for the first time. The sun was out, the water was calm, it was the perfect day. Backing up the trailer was terrible, jack knifed it twice, I just couldn't get it right. Here's a few pics. Naslund
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    Quick question about trim.

    My boat doesn't have power trim and I was wondering if anyone knows if you can get it installed, if so is it worth it? Naslund
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    Pics of my 16ft Beachcraft

    Hey, First off I fixed the wiring problem with the truck and trailer. I changed the plugs on the truck and the trailer since they were corroded. Then I disconnected and cleaned up where the trailer is grounded. I didn't realize the lights would work better when the trailer was actually...
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    Just got my first boat

    I successfully bought my first boat, 16ft Beachcraft- Bow rider. It is so clean and well maintained. I guess I have alot to learn but can't wait. I'll take some pics in the morning (posted 1 in the last thread). Although I bought a 1979 ford f150 just to tow it but the wiring on the truck...