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    86 Golf update cooling system question, replaced tstat

    Put a new stock tstat in as old one was ERRODED and was running to cool, thus only 25 mpg i beleive, now she runs hot? Cooling fan didn't come on, know it works, has come on before, should at 190 I think? i KNOW I put tstat in right, only one way and with a rubber o-ring(like Toyotas), or ne...
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    Update 86 Golf, a few questions?

    Well I ordered hoses, upper, lower and exp. tank were wrong ones from for my 86 Golf, will return and hope to get right ones. Hope fuel filter and tstat were right, havent had time to check. Plugs and wires fine though. Question, I got this great runner for $650 w/ 95K orig...
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    86 vw Golf (gas) what all think?commuter

    hell of a deal, mechanically sound, slight dings, needs new paint but hey 95K original, 5 speed, 1.8 liter i think? and all works well for damn cheap! tires decent too. What mpg to expect? Im thinkin approx 30???? just need a commuter that I wont mind getting dings, easy to park, economical, and...
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    Got a 99 Yukon, any info or hints? :)

    Its got a Vortec 350, 4 speed auto(not electronic OD) 75K and mint, one owner, well maintained, 2wd, posi, loaded SLT model and black w/ custom wheels/tires/Borla exhaust and a K&N airfilter. Looks like owner did all to make it nice :) . It's pretty darn fast too and I got it for CHEAP! Any...
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    My dilemma! Which used SUV????

    Way too much for a new truck/SUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$ 175K on 92 Jeep XJ, will prob. go to daughter. I can get another Grand Cherokee or Cherokee(I WANT power everything,loaded, 4wd, ltd slip)good, used 1995+ for fairly cheap(under 9K), am NOT paying 25K +++++??????? for new one. Love the 4.0...
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    Idaho killer of F&G - why in hell he out???

    I just read killer of 2 F&G out now after 22 yrs in prison for EXECUTION style murders of 2 F&G wardens in 80's? WTF?????????? I'm sorry, did I miss something??? So he's a "local" hero for bein a "mountain man" someone please slap me????
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    Just a good thought after travellin alot.... my SON :)

    OK OK, so this is the good news section, just wanted to say, I was just all over FL. (sorry Bill/Snapperbait) too tight schedule!!!) Pensacola, Cocoa, Ft Pierce, Ocala and W. Palm for 9.5 days........500 miles of drivin easy, not so great hotels, got home midnight last p.m. , bed at 1 a.m., at...
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    Ok OK OK, Lubedude? Whick best synthetic? AMsoil, Mobile 1 or ?

    Here we go, not trying to start anything, but got into discussion w/ buddy which synthetic better? I got a deal on Valvoline, he has used Mobile 1, and he's wanting Amsoil for all - motors, gearboxes, etc. Hell we're not racers, just want best bang for buck. I actually used Valvoline last two...
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    92 XJ brake job?

    Hey I put new rotors on and pads and no squeaks for two days and stop great, then squeak! I did not put the little pad "shims" on, two for each pad (1 per ear) marked .10, .15,.20 and .25 - I'm not sure where to measure distance from, directions kinda sketchy. Any hints? Guess I'll pop pads out...
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    90 F250, how to remove power door solenoids to fix?

    Pwr door locks dont work, door rocker switches ARE gettin juice and all fuses good. Gotta be the solenoids. I took door panels off(drivers side for now) and located - looks to be one male "star" screw holding it in through door skin?(where vent is facing twd. rear of door) Is this the booger I...
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    Will be in Helena, MT this week for 4-5 days, whats to do?

    Will get there for work Thurs this week til next Mon., IF I get any time off, what's to do? Thanks Heinz
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    How to buy house(N.CA) for little down?

    Hey guys just curious, what is best way to buy house(besides obvious, no debt and cash down). We owe prob. 20K each(old debt)good credit, and I make almost 80K year. 3 kids at home f/t and $375 month child spt.Cars paid off. We aren't fancy, Thanks for any ideas, Heinz
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    What type of grease trailer?

    My trailer is a 2000 EZLOAD with bearing buddies, one axle. I have the reg. auto grease and grenn boat grease as wel, I want to svc. trailer bearing, is eitjer ok? Bearing buddies have nipples on them w/ caps. Thank, Heinz
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    How to get lazy kids off buts fishing(or anything else)

    Had a beautiful day here in N. Cal., rain season here/coming, I had to about throw out 12 yr old stepson w/ my 4 yr old to go fishing!(9yr old hung w mama and went to friends) They are so into **** video games, tv it makes me wanna puke! I told em last pm no more video games on MY tv...
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    Whats best way to quit smoking(cigarettes)?

    Promised my kids I would quit before I turn 40(next May), what is best way to quit forever? I hate stinky smell anyway and what it does to your wind?(lungs). Thanks, Heinz<br />P.S. I've cut way down (not giving up) on beer & wine too :) , gettin old sucks :)
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    40 hp Merc outboard, choke after 1 hr sitting?

    I have a T402 Merc 2 stroke O/B, that runs great, but when fishing/anchoring, when I try to restart, I have to hit electric choke 2-4 times to start, then runs awesome, what makes it do that? Thanks,Heinz
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    What an almost perfect fishing day :)

    God it was beautiful, very little wind for my 17' tinny 40 hp Merc (ugly boat wife calls it :) ), got there w/ buddy(other couldnt make it) at 2:45 pm, launched , cruised, fished, for a few miles, same on way back, got close to mothball fleet, saw some jumpin closeby , most gorgeous scenery...
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    took 4 yd old son fishing & fish stole pole!!!!

    Hey guys , took 4 yr old son fishing today(Mom out of town at nieces grad sice yest a.m. bak tomorrow a.m. slept in tent in living room 2 nights TO "camp" :) )went fishing at Heather farms pond her in Concord, CA, threw his line in w/ hotdog as bait(we left on ground/shore - BIG mistake), was...
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    Some pics of bass I caught in FL. :)

    Just a few pics of FUN bass I caught in W. Palm Beach, FL. last week, used long lunch hours and at night after dinner. Lost a real big one too! :) Heinz<br /><br />
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    Here in FL., caught an Oscar? What is it?

    Am leaving for home today(CA), and am in W. Palm Beach, FL. for work. Yesterday at dock by Hilton(lots of fish) , I caught what the local guys say is an "Oscar", kinda looks like BIG colorful bluegill, orange, red, real pretty. Was about 2 lbs. What exactly is an Oscar????<br />P.S. Also caught...