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    J50leds no spark

    Finnaly figured out the problem ignition part of the stator is dead for anyone needing to test it put an ohm meter between the two brown wires coming from stator to power pack should have 50 ohms resistance
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    J50leds no spark

    Also tested continuity on the 2 yellows coming from the stator they were good and testing the orange and brown wires from stator ohms were within spec
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    J50leds no spark

    Boat was running fine up to 2 weekend ago battery is fine its a group 31 tractor battery starter spins the motor fast disconnected yellow and black kill wire from the power pack and.still not getting any spark have 13 volts to purple and red wires on the buss bar nothing to grey wires 11.3...
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    J50leds no spark

    1996 j50tleds
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    J50leds no spark

    Having a problem with my Johnson 50 hp motor its not getting any spark ive checked the fuses replaced the power pack and timing trigger still not getting any power to the coil triggers any help trouble shooting this thing would be awesome
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    my goof hopefully this will help others not make the same mistake

    bought a 1989 four winns sundowner off of Craigslist with a bad motor found a used motor on Craigslist and swapped all my marine internals into the old block got the engine installed and went to put the out drive on omc cobra btw found out you have to remove clutch pilot bearing from crankshaft...
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    temp gage for my johnson

    ive got a 1996 50 hp johnson on my 24 ft suntracker pontoon its a j50tleds i had to order a powerpack for it last week its a malory ignition that is suposed to replace the oem part but i would like to disable the slow function and install a temprature gage anyone know if a automotive type...
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    1800 fisherman transom problem

    I am the proud owner of a 1998 lund 1800 fisherman with a 115 hp mercury outboard i was at the lake the other day swimming around my boat when i noticed a problem on the transom the motor mount bolts looked loose so i took it home that evening and tightened them down then i noticed that some...
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    50 hp jhonson limping

    hey guys i have a 50 hp jhonson on my 28 ft pontoon boat it starts up and runs fine for about 30 minutes then it seems to go into a limp mode with about half its horsepower am i overloading the engine trying to push my barge or is there something else i can look for to help the problem :cool: